Dental & Vision Insurance

Did you know that less than 50 percent of all employers offer dental & vision insurance to their employees? Are you covered?


Like most things, the cost of good dental care has risen and as a result, many people do not get the care that they need. A good dental plan can help ease the burden of the high cost of dental care. Dental plans are available in three forms: 1) Dental Discount plans are the least expensive and offer you negotiated discounts for dental services. 2) Dental HMO plans usually cost a little more but generally cover your annual exam and cleaning. The biggest challenge with the Dental HMO is that you are limited to the providers that are “in network” with the insurance company. 3) A Dental PPO plan will give you access to any dentist, but you will get better rates from a dentist that is contracted with the insurance companies.

When looking for a plan, look for the plan that fits within your budget and offers that best services. Keep in mind that deductibles, waiting periods and maximum annual payout are factors that can limit a plan’s usefulness.

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What’s better than protecting your eyes? How about saving money on your eye exam and eyeglasses or contact lenses. Vision insurance is designed to help you cover and budget for ongoing vision care expenses like routine eye exams, prescription glasses and contact lenses. Click Here for a free quote.

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